Over the past few weeks an unusual sound has been heard in the streets throughout Taiwan- the sound of sound cars, random street rallies and firecrackers. It's election time again in Taiwan. To the Western observer some of these practices may seem a little outdated, some similar to the election campaigns of the 1950's in America. 

While politicians in the US seem bent on discrediting the reputation of their rivals, Taiwan candidates seem to be a bit milder in their approach. Most of these political hopefuls are pictured against a scenic grove of trees holding a young child. Many times it seems these pictures were taken several years ago or have undergone a lot of Photoshop editing because when seen in person the candidate doesn't always look as good as his portrait.

As with all election campaigns, who will win and who will lose remains to be seen. More importantly which candidate will be able to fulfill his promises, once in office, also remains to be seen.



1.       rally(rallies複數):集會

2.       firecrackers:鞭炮

3.       outdate(d):過時()

4.       bent on:致力於

5.       discrediting:抹黑

6.       portrait:肖像

7.       once in office:一旦上台



Lv 5: Tomorrow I will go to vote.

Lv 6: Tomorrow is the election. I think I will go vote, but I don't know for who.

Lv 7: I'm glad tomorrow is the election, that means all the campaigns will be over. I'm not certain who deserves my vote.


Native: Thank goodness the election is tomorrow. I will be so relieved when all this campaigning is done with. A lot of my coworkers will make their way down to the voting polls during their lunch break. As for me, I'm torn about this year’s issues. Will any of these political hopefuls actually be able to make their promises come to fruition?  


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