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天氣是Speaking Part 1最常出的考試主題之一。簡單的問題, 不同分數的回答, 快快看過來~~~

 Q: What's the weather like in your country?(你國家的天氣如何)


(1)   Lv 5:Taiwan's weather is always hot and wet. Winter time is cooler and quite rainy. (回答短)(中級)(IELTS5)

(2)   LV 6: Taiwan's climate tends to be hot and humid. The short winter months have milder temperatures and are at times extremely rainy.(IELTS5的意思大致相同, 但使用許多較深的單字)(中高級)(IELTS6)

(3) Lv 7: Taiwan has a subtropical climate, therefore summers can be rather hot, humid and oppressive. The brief "winter" months tend to bring more mild temperatures and are often very rainy with periods of heavy rain lasting for weeks at a time. (使用連詞, 讓句子更為流暢)(高級)(IELTS7)



Because of being relatively close to the equator, Taiwan has a subtropical climate. Therefore summers are long, humid, oppressive and at times are almost unbearable.  The so-called "winter" months on the other hand bring cooler temperatures, but never get below freezing. Taiwan winters are characterized by extended periods of heavy rain and gloomy overcast days that can last for weeks at a time. The most pleasant months are the end of September to the beginning of November. This time of year has milder temperatures, clear, sunny days and low humidity.


**替換字 ( 普通進階 )

  1. 1.      Weather → Climate 氣候
  2. 2.      Wet → Humid 潮濕
  3. 3.      Quite → Extremely 非常



(1)   Oppressive : 沉重的

(2)   Gloomy overcast : 陰沉沉的

(3)   Humidity : (空氣中的)濕度



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